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David Parmet on Social Media for Marketing Posted on September 24th, 2007 in: Social Media, Web Marketing, Web Strategy Show

I got a chance to interview the insightful David Parmet, one of the PR bloggers in the social media space that ‘gets it’. David reviews the classic cases of business blogging for small businesses, such as Stormhoek and English Cut. If you’re not familiar with these case studies, they used social media for their marketing […]

EMC acquires Mozy, updated the ODS Industry List Posted on September 23rd, 2007 in: Data Storage, Web Industry

Since I worked at HDS, I’ve been watching the online data storage industry carefully, and continue to observe. EMC has made a strategic buy in the Online Data Storage space by acquiring Mozy, “with a nearly $40 billion market cap. EMC paid $76 million for the company, according to two sources close to the deal.” […]

Linking Strategy and why Back Linking is OK Posted on September 23rd, 2007 in: Social Computing, Web Theory

A few weeks ago there was a dust up criticizing bloggers who only point and link to themselves called “back linking”. Whether it was because they were wanting to keep people on their own site or are too insecure about losing traffic to others it doesn’t really matter. I think we’re missing the heart of […]

PhotoBlog: Hong Kong, INXS Posted on September 23rd, 2007 in: Asia

I had an amazing week at Hong Kong, I was on vacation, but for me that meant meeting many web companies and industry leaders. Most of all, I love being the typical tourist, exploring and taking lots of photos. I was speaking about Virtual Worlds and Social Networking to some of Asia’s investors at the […]

Heading to Vancouver’s Vidfest Posted on September 21st, 2007 in: Conference

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I’m leaving beloved Hong Kong and am flying on Cathay Pacific to Vancouver, excited to attend VidFest. The running joke among my friends and family is “So what’s the difference” as many of Hong Kong and China’s residents have moved there in the past decades. I’ll be speaking on a panel called “MyFace, YourSpace: Maximizing […]

Three questions for Hong Kong’s A-lister on Life Hacking (3 Minute Video Interview) Posted on September 21st, 2007 in: Interview, Video, Web Tools

Click To Play Leon writes a blog called LifeHack (not the same as lifehacker), and has a Technorati rank of 38! He focuses on helping people make their lives easier by using the web. We’re in Hong Kong’s central distract on the night of the blogger dinner. I ask Leon three questions, hear how he […]

Rosemary - Tan Nappa Tan Classic Slip On - Nappa Loafer B073Q2LDDZ Parent 1f367b1